Media Information: „Digital Drama Workshops” Project


Media Information: „Digital Drama Workshops” Project

Erasmus+ -Project by four European Youth Theatres started in Baden
Last week BeyondBühne welcomed representatives of youth theatres from Ireland, Norway and Spain to Baden. The reason for this meeting was to start and work on the “Digital Drama Workshops” Project, where the four organizations will produce a total of 10 videos, 40 online workshops and a booklet for theatre makers worldwide by the year 2023.

Since the social restrictions due to the multiple COVID-19 lockdowns, numerous youth theatres have been forced to shut down or switch to online rehearsals and online classes. “Digital Drama Workshops” will provide materials that support theatre makers all over the world in “digital theatre making” and teach the necessary skills. Rehearsals at the BeyondBühne also had to be held online for months: “During this time we learned a lot about the possibilities of online theatre. We are especially happy that we can now pass on our knowledge with ‘Digital Drama Workshops’ ” says Tobias Vees, film educator at BeyondBühne. Furthermore, the content will also be of great use for youth theatres when the pandemic is over. For example, digital theatre makes it easier to reach young people in isolated rural areas.

Photo: Gregor Ruttner-Vicht, Franziska Sauer, Tobias Vees (second row) und Fabienne Mühlbacher (first row) from BeyondBühne together with guests from Ireland, Norway und Spain.

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